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  • "I don’t believe I could have found a better company to work with"

    Neil Inns | Managing Director
    Trafalgar Risk Management Ltd

  • “The Primary Drive team impressed with their
    knowledge of the digital market and have proved
    careful, honest communicators.”

    Seb Ward | Director | Renaissance Easy Claim

  • People come to us because of what we know.

    Our knowledge is your competitive advantage.

  • Web technologies is our expertise.

    Let us be your experts.

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  • “When we initially contracted Primary Drive to undertake the work on our
    website speed was paramount. They delivered within the time frame and gave
    the site the professional look and feel we were after.”

    Seb Ward | Director | Renaissance Easy Claim

  • “Primary Drive have ensured our website has remained at the cutting edge for our industry.”

    Alec Peduto – Director - Theydons
  • Focusing on business,
    your business.

  • “The input they have made to the development and growth of British Insurance as a company has been invaluable”

    Simon Burgess – Managing Director, British Insurance Ltd

  • Explore your potential,
    speak to our experts.

  • “Through their work we now have the ability to dine at the top table business wise and are now recognised as a leading, award winning company within our industry”

    Simon Burgess – Managing Director, British Insurance Ltd

  • First step, next step, future steps.

    Let Primary Drive guide you.

  • Simplifying technologies, Energising business.

Case Studies

  • Supportify

    Rebrandable Help Desk and Knowledge Base system with support management backend

  • Charity Checkout

    Specialist Payment Provider for charities, solving donation and tax issues

  • SWL

    Massive Dating White Label system with complex segmentation and rapid site roll out

  • Aliving And Giving

    A Search Engine for charities creating an even playing field for charities of all sizes

  • British Insurance

    Primary Drive deliver white label affiliate platform & full business online back office solution.

  • Renaissance Easy Claim

    Website overhaul & PPC campaign management

  • Smooch

    New business website & full digital marketing strategy and implementation

  • Trafalgar

    Affiliate integration & full business online back office solutions


Latest Blog

  • TapBak - Real Time Reviews for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe's, etc

    by Admin on 09 December, 2013 in

    Most reviews are created at least hours, often days after the experience that's being reviewed, and it's quite often a small subset of humanity that ...

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  • Usurv - Democratising market research

    by Admin on 27 January, 2013 in

    Usurv.com is a project we're especially proud of. It has taken traditional market research online and made it faster and cheaper, and we think there's...

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  • New Dating Site

    by Admin on 01 January, 2013 in

    This week we launched our first site on the White Label Dating network. It's a multi-channel site aimed at mainstream dating, mature dating, and naug...

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  • Our biggest project yet to launch in March

    by Marcus on 22 January, 2012 in Imminent , Imminent

    Check out the Beta in February MyBricks.com, a huge new consumer property portal will be officially unveiled in March, with a beta version preceding i...

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  • Supportify Launched

    by Marcus on 30 December, 2011 in Launch

    A Customisable Support Desk Launched and running on several sites already. If your busines was built around a large and growing number of sites, sites...

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  • UK Date Launches

    by Marcus on 21 December, 2011 in Launch

    Launching The Network Shortly after launching the WooWise Smooch White Label Dating System we went live with the first two White Labels on the network...

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  • SWL Launched

    by Marcus on 20 December, 2011 in Launch

    WooWise felt that they had grown the www.Smooch.com brand as far as they could without a marketing and PR investment that the potential rewards could ...

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  • Charity Checkout Launched

    by Admin on 08 June, 2011 in Launch

    Bespoke Payment Provider for the Charity Sector     Charities now have an inexpensive, comprehensive payment service, designed just for them...

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  • Smooch.com Free Dating Marketing Push Pays Off

    by Marcus on 12 March, 2010 in

    Rapid growth in results Our optimisation of the HitWise Top 10 free dating site, Smooch.com has been paying off with considerable improvement in resul...

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  • Primary Drive New Website Launched

    by Marcus on 11 January, 2010 in Launch

    Welcome to our new website, we hope you like it. In 12 years we have had only 3 website upgrades, not because that's the pace the web moves (obviousl...

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Why us?

Primary Drive is a leading web technologies company that has provided global web and IT solutions for leading companies in the retail, insurance, property, gambling and dating sectors

Our reputation has been built not only as focused system integrators but also on our ability to manage all aspects our clients IT needs, on time and to a budget. In effect, we can become a clients IT department.

In a technology driven world we can provide the advantage